COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — In honor of what would’ve been his 25th birthday, the family of Casey Goodson Jr. is hosting a community resource fair in Columbus on Saturday.

“It is really uplifting to see how people have come to view Casey as their own,” said Sean Walton, attorney for Goodson’s family.

Walton said the event was started by True Love Ministries Church in Goodson’s honor.

The gathering will be open to the public and offer food, clothes, masks, contraceptives and harm reduction supplies for free.

“The event is focused around providing community resources and uplifting the community, and just carrying Casey’s good spirit,” said Walton.

“Always want to include them in everything that we do for Casey, because they ride for Casey,” said Tamala Payne, Goodson’s mother.

For Payne, the support she’s received since her son’s death has been invaluable.

Now, she wants to return that goodwill to all of those who’ve helped her.

“It means a lot, we greatly appreciate it, we need it, and you know, that’s why we try our hardest to give back and show our gratitude,” said Payne.

The event will start at noon tomorrow and continue until 3 p.m.