COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General released reports on audits conducted in early 2022 on multiple USPS facilities in central Ohio, following complaints of delayed mail service throughout the area.

Auditors spent nearly three months looking into the efficiency of operations at the Processing and Distribution Center in Columbus, which services more than 3.3 million people. The auditors looked at mail processing schedules, delayed mail, late and extra outbound trips, and load scans.

The auditors reported no systemic issues at the processing center, aside from those inspecting load scans.

“Load scans provide visibility to management and allow the Postal Service to track mail. When load scans are not completed, the Postal Service loses visibility,” said Bill Triplett, a spokesperson for the inspector general’s office. “However, when a load scan is missed, it does not mean that service or operations will be affected.”

“That’s baloney,” said Larry Boles, who contacted NBC4 Investigates in February about mail delivery issues. “We’ve had some real dandies. Just, misdelivered mail– just all kinds of problems.”

Jackie Schulze-Eblin also reached out to NBC4 with similar problems last month.

“When I called you to notify you about the mail, it was terrible,” she said. “It was seven days without mail.”

Both Boles and Schulze-Eblin get their mail delivered via the Oakland Park post office on Innis Road in Columbus. A USPS spokesperson in February said the agency was hosting weekly hiring fairs in Columbus to fill immediate openings in the area.

The spokesperson said Wednesday that there are still openings, and an additional hiring fair will be held at the Processing and Distribution Center on City Gate Drive Thursday from 8 to 10 a.m.

Boles and Schulze-Eblin believe they’re benefiting from the effects of recent hires as they said mail service has become more reliable in recent weeks.

“I hope that this is legitimate. I hope that it’s for real. It’s way overdue,” Boles said.

“We are getting our mail like we should,” Schulze-Eblin said. “So, I’m happy.”

The inspector general’s office also conducted audits examining mail delivery, customer service and property conditions at the Lewis Center, East City Annex, and South Columbus Station post offices in 2022, but not the Oakland Park post office.

The audits found issues with delayed mail at all three facilities. Triplett said another report containing recommendations for district management will be released in April.