COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Columbus City Schools announced Tuesday it would be holding COVID-19 vaccine clinics for ages 5-11 at every district elementary school — about 70 of them.

A clinic offering the first dose of the vaccine is scheduled for the week of Dec. 13-17, with the second dose clinic set for the week of Jan. 3-7, 2022.

“It’s our responsibility to at least provide the opportunity for all of our students,” said Columbus City Schools Superintendent Dr. Talisa Dixon.

The school district is teaming up with Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Columbus Public Health to offer the vaccines.

Parents are required to fill out and return a consent form for their child no later than Dec. 7 if they wish to get their children vaccinated.

“We knew we had an opportunity to service all of our schools,” Dixon said. “That’s why we have a later timeline.”

The district has approximately 22,000 students who fall into the 5-11 age range.

“To have it right there in schools and not have to find another place, the convenience that it provides for our families, we know that it was something we wanted to prioritize,” Dixon said.

Once students receive the vaccine, they will be observed by medical personnel for 15 minutes before being allowed to return to their classrooms. The district said parents are not required to be present when the shot is given. If a parent wants to be present, they will have to schedule an appointment after school hours with an outside health agency providing the vaccine.

One board member shared that she received emails about the clinics just before the announcement was made.

“When we have these initiatives, is there a way that we can ensure that our team, whether it’s staff or administration, are very clear that here’s what’s coming before the community gets it so they’re not feeling like they’re not in the loop for communication,” said board member Tina Pierce.

Some schools will get a jumpstart on the clinics starting this week.

“We are actually starting the elementary site clinics this week with opportunities for students at Livingston and Moler elementary schools on Thursday, Nov. 18,” Dixon said.

To read more about the clinics and to fill out the consent form, click here.