COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Two days back to school and two days with schools in remote learning.

That’s what Columbus City Schools is working through as teachers and students return from winter break.

A spokesperson said the district looks at staffing each and every day along with potential coverage inside the school or with substitutes.

Fifteen different Columbus City Schools spent either Monday, Tuesday, or both in remote learning due to staffing shortages, with one exception: a heating outage at Valley Forge Elementary.

John Coneglio with the Columbus Education Association, the union representing teachers in the district, said remote learning notifications are stressful.

A spokesperson with Columbus City Schools said the district monitors 112 buildings districtwide, with school principals and area superintendents collaborating on when to recommend remote learning to the superintendent.

CEA President John Coneglio said planning for a remote lesson and in-person lesson is very different.

He also said late notification can be tough on parents.

“That is a challenge finding childcare at the last minute for our educators and for parents themselves, right?” Coneglio said. “It’s kind of like you wake up in the morning, is it going to be your school today?”

The district spokesperson said should there be a need to switch to remote learning, families, teachers, and staff would be notified as soon as possible, which can happen either the night before or the morning of.

The Columbus City Schools board of education will meet Tuesday for the first time in 2022.