COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Columbus City Council has set a deadline for gun owners after passing new gun restrictions earlier this week.

The council’s amendment passed on Monday bans 30 or more round magazines in city limits. Now, gun owners with these magazines have until July 1 to turn them into the Columbus Division of Police or sell them legally outside of the city.

“The legislation that was just passed by council gives the individuals who currently own high capacity clips (sic) a grace period to turn in those high-capacity clips either to police or to sell them legally,” said City Attorney Zach Klein.

City leaders said their goal is to help curb violence in the city, but noted now until the summer deadline is a grace period.

“This is a step where we want to protect the second amendment, protect responsible gun owners and not have a gotcha moment to say not give the people who currently own these large capacity clips an opportunity to get rid of them,” Klein said.

However, gun owners said they feel they are being painted as criminals.

“Law-abiding people are now by the mere stroke of a pen a criminal for something, and they’ve never done anything, have no intentions of doing anything wrong,” said Eric Delbert, owner of LEPD Firearms Range and Train Facility.

Delbert’s is located just outside city limits. He said since the amendment, he’s sent out a notice to customers telling them to bring their magazine rounds to his store.

“You can certainly drop them off here, we will put your name on it, we will stick them aside. And once this passes because we do believe it is going to pass,” said Delbert. “It’s against Ohio law, it’s already gone to the supreme court in Ohio several times.”

Delbert also said he still firmly believes the difference between 29 rounds and 30 rounds will not stop crime in Columbus.

“Some of this is admittedly tongue and cheek, but because the City Council they are reportedly the experts in this because they said 30 rounds is obviously the cut-off for being bad, we’ve come out with a product that will limit your magazine to 29 rounds,” Delbert said. “The capacity has nothing to do with the intent or criminal intent of the person.”

City leaders said they are doing what they believe is necessary to prevent more gun violence in Columbus.

“The point is how do we rid our community of these high-capacity clips that we have seen not by opinion but by our own eyes and fact cause such high casualty events in other cities across the United States,” Klein said.