COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–Four of the candidates for Columbus City Council talked with NBC4’s Colleen Marshall about why they are running for office. All of the candidates talked about making the city better than it is because it’s their home.

Shannon Hardin

“The last year exposed the real challenges that we have as a community,” Hardin said. Whether that’s building trust in policing to inequity in housing, which he sites the pandemic exposed. “I think that the best days are ahead of us.”

Lourdes Barroso de Padilla

“I was born and raised here in Columbus and have seen tremendous growth in the community, but I think the pandemic solidified our amazing growth we are inherently leaving people behind,” Barossa de Padilla said. “We have not caught up with our growth. I see it in my family and in my community.”

Nick Bankston

“Columbus is my home and I have a three-month-old at home and really I think about his future,” Bankston said. “For me, it’s about building a Columbus that is more equitable and sustainable that’s worthy of his generation.”

Tom Sussi

“I just got sick and tired of watching the buffoonery over the past year on how they handled law enforcement in of itself,” said Sussi. “I witnessed the current administration hold back the police department during the riots and allowed people from the outside to come in and raise hell in our city.”