COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Christ the King Church in Columbus is doing something a little different in the form of community outreach this weekend.

The church is assisting more than 300 Mexican citizens with their passports.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people, and for some who live in Ohio, their passports and legal papers have expired and it’s been difficult to get them renewed.

This is why the Catholic Dioceses of Columbus invited a representative from the Mexican consulate to come and help.

Right now, the closest location is in Indianapolis, and they know that’s not a convenient location for many central Ohioans.

“Sometimes, it’s very difficult to get an appointment,” said Mariano Nava, with the consulate in Indianapolis. “However, if someone calls the consulate, and asks for when, we can give them information, we can give it to you for November.” 

The consulate will be available all weekend at Christ the King Church, 2777 East Livingston Avenue in Columbus. The next event is set for April.