COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — With Super Bowl Sunday just days away, fan clubs for the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles are gearing up for their own celebrations.

There are bars all around Columbus that are officially Eagles and Chiefs territory. Donerick’s Pub in Clintonville will be home of the Eagles Fans of Columbus. Chiefs fans will be at the Dub Pub in Dublin.

NBC4 spoke with the leaders of both teams’ fan clubs, who take the term “die-hard fan” to new heights. They all predict it will be a close game on Sunday.

Party planning is finished, team gear is picked out and now — they’re just feeling anticipation.

“We’re all watching the game, rooting for our team. We get some derisive comments from the peanut gallery trying to throw us off, but they can’t break our dedication. We are Chiefs kingdom,” said Ronald Dick, leader of the Chiefs Fan Club of Ohio.

Sonny Lee Loveland, leader of the Eagles Fans of Columbus, said he’s most looking forward to the atmosphere in the pup during the game.

“We do chants, we run up and down and jump, we jump on tables sometimes,” Lee Loveland said. “It’s all Philly energy because most of our group is from the Philadelphia area.”

A big part of football is tradition — and even some superstition. Each team leader has a superstition of their own that they never watch a game without.

“I’m currently wearing the same outfit that I’ve worn the entire playoffs,” said Lee Loveland. “One of our members actually came up with our playoff bylaws, so we can’t wash the clothes, you wear the exact same outfits the exact same way, do the exact same things leading up to the game.”

The leader of the Chiefs fan club said he will be bringing his touchdown gong to tap whenever the Chiefs get a touchdown. Like Lee Loveland, he also has special gear that he wears during the game: Some a necklace of tree nuts from Hawaii.

“They’re kinda like buckeye nuts, real hard, and these are supposed to bring you good luck. So I have to wear these along with my other bling,” Dick said.

Kickoff is at 6:30, but both fan club leaders said they’ll be glued to the TV way before then.