COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — An east Columbus business owner is using his life experiences hoping to help the community in several ways.

Jamal Museitif is in a much different spot than he was about seven years ago. He had been in the furniture business, but spent about four years in prison after several OVIs. Shortly after he got out, he got back into the industry and opened Payless Liquidation and Furniture off Brice Road.

“When I went into prison I lost everything,” Museitif said. “I came out with nothing, and borrowed some money from friends and family and started back up and it just tells you everything is possible if you put your head to it and you stay sober.”

He’s been sober for seven years. Through the store, he’s given others a second chance. Some of his team is made up of other recovering addicts and those who’ve previously been incarcerated like Will Scheffer and Jeff Gallimore.

“It’s more like we’re a family. Since I’ve got out I’ve had stable income, stable housing, I haven’t even thought once to return back to what I used to do,” Scheffer said.

Scheffer, Museitif and Gallimore all met while in prison.

“It was kind of like walking into the dark and not knowing. It’s been a blessing. We’ve all worked really really hard to get successful and get some kind of dignity back,” Gallimore said.

Their hope is for the business to help more of the community. It’s officially opening as Family Deals Ohio, an overstock retailer. Museitif said it will give families the chance to buy toys and household goods at much lower prices.

“From everything they need, be able to afford it and not be left out,” Museitif said.

Museitif also said some of the proceeds from the store will be going to Alcoholics Anonymous.