COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A local brewery is marking International Women’s Day early this year with a new beer aiming to provide opportunities for women in the brewing industry.

Combustion Brewery and Taproom is making a new beer specifically for International Women’s Day on March 8. The brewing process began Friday as the beer has to ferment for weeks to get the right taste.

Owner Sarah Jackson said some of the proceeds from the beer will go to the Pink Boots Society, an organization that provides funds for women and non-binary people wanting to start a career in brewing or distillery.

“It’s a very male-dominate industry and a lot of times the money aspect is just one more barrier for women to get into the industry,” said Jackson.

The goal Friday was to get women more familiar with how beer is made, so if they choose to go for a career in brewing, they have some experience. Jackson said she wants the women participating to have “an understanding of how the brewing process works, of how the equipment works, the right names to use when you’re talking about different processes in the breweries or different equipment you use in the brewery.”

“Being able to talk the talk and having that extra day in the brewery to understand the process a bit better,” she said.

Combustion taproom manager Sarah Burnside said she loves learning more about the process behind her favorite beverage, especially during an event that supports women.

“I first fell in love with beer when I was reading that wine was the drink of the nobles, but beer was the drink of the people,” said Burnside. “I didn’t talk about whether it was for a man or for a woman, it was just for the people.”

Jackson said that some people consider beer to be more of a “man’s drink,” but she said women love craft beer just as much. That’s why she chose to support the Pink Boots Society.

“While that might be an assumption that people have, a lot of the men in the brewing industry know that’s not true and they want women to be involved in the brewing industry,” said Jackson. “Women are supported in the brewing industry.”

Learn more about Pink Boots here.