COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Some 140 Bed Bath & Beyond stores are shutting down as the company teeters on bankruptcy, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. released a list of stores on Monday that would be closing across the United States. Included inside was the storefront near the Easton Town Center mall, located at 3750 Easton Market. To view the full standing list of closings, click here.

The chain of home goods and appliance vendors has been preparing to seek bankruptcy protection, and was trying to secure a loan on Monday with the Sixth Street investing firm, Reuters reported. Bed Bath & Beyond insiders said Jan. 5 that there was a “substantial doubt” that it could stay in business. Other Bed Bath & Beyonds in Columbus that could be affected by bankruptcy filings include one store at 1717 W. Lane Ave., and the other at 3708 W. Dublin-Granville Rd.

The store closures piled on as fears about the company’s performance also ramped up. In mid-2020, it announced it would shut down 200 stores over two years. It tacked on another 40 to start 2023, which then snowballed into the current 140 Bed Bath & Beyonds on the chopping block.

The corporation’s two other side brands, buybuy BABY and Harmon Beauty, also suffered losses. It has planned to close five of the infant stores while completely shuttering Harmon as of Monday.

The Associated Press also contributed to this report.