COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Trap Eats, a food delivery service, became a reality out of frustration by the companies founder, Sean Black. The service showcases many of his favorite Central Ohio eateries owned and operated by people of color.

“Trap Eats was personal for me,” Black said. “It started because using different delivery platforms, I would get on there and I wouldn’t see the food I wanted to order.”

He explained popular apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash and GrubHub offered the convenience he wanted but did not have the variety of locally-owned restaurants, food trucks, and kitchens he felt deserved more attention.

“To really invest in it with time, money and resources isn’t something that’s always there for us in our community. So, for me personally, taking it on is something I wanted to do so I could do my part,” he said. “What’s the solution for that problem? It was me creating a platform where I could get all those chefs, private chefs, and physical locations that I wanted – get them all on one platform.”

Trap Eats launched in August 2020, with the first six months testing the Columbus market’s reaction to the concept. Black said the reception was warm.

“When we launched, everyone was at home, everyone was delivering. So it was a great time for us to launch,” he said.

The launch came shortly before Demetrius Ray opened the Whitehall restaurant Shrimp Hut. Ray said partnering with Black and using Trap Eats helped expand his customer reach.

“With everything going on, delivery service was just huge. So to tap in at that precise moment was just key to do,” Ray said.

He explained being part of a platform dedicated to businesses owned by people of color was also a valuable networking opportunity.

“This app helped to bring minority businesses together and [allowed] us to meet each other and really grow as a community,” he said.

Black touts that Trap Eats has become more than a service showcasing his favorite food. It’s now a tool investing in underserved communities.

“We always talk about helping each other grow and investing in each other’s businesses. So me doing my part was the first step,” he said.

Black is working to expand the service in Tampa, Florida in the coming months, and Cleveland in 2022.
You can find more details about Trap Eats by clicking here.