COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Columbus City Council approved a $5.75 million settlement between 32 protesters and the city.

The settlement was announced last week.

The protesters said police hurt them physically and mentally while they were being peaceful during the demonstrations following the murder of George Floyd. They also claimed police made wrongful arrests.

Under the settlement, the city is forbidden from using non-lethal force like tear gas, pepper spray, and wooden pellets on peaceful demonstrators.

There was a lengthy discussion by the city council during its Monday meeting, with some police leadership, including Columbus Division of Police Chief Elaine Bryant in attendance.

Bryant said there have been significant changes made within the department since the protests.

“I will tell you that the level of accountability within our department is high and our expectations are high and the exec team, we’re very committed to ensuring we do make sure that our citizens and our community is safe and we are doing the right things for the right reasons,” she said.

The city said the funds to pay for the settlement will come from its general fund.

City Attorney Zach Klein released a statement last week on the settlement:

While this has certainly been a difficult and painful moment for our community, it has yielded important, and in some instances long overdue, reforms to policing practices, policies, and oversight