COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Columbus and Reynoldsburg schools are returning to the classroom this new year with updated bus routes.

Reynoldsburg returned to class Tuesday, with Columbus students back in session on Wednesday. Columbus parent Matt Monjot said he has concerns and unanswered questions going into the new school year.

“What was the longest acceptable walk for a kid? How did you evaluate if the walk they have to make is safe? What was the longest time a kid could be on the bus? And does every kid who needs a bus have a bus now?” said Monjot.

Scott Varner, the Executive Director of Family Engagement with Columbus City Schools, said they’ve sent out notices and have had their call center open to help with any questions or concerns.

“Our call center, we doubled the number of people taking calls and they’ve had several hundred calls today — well over 200 earlier this morning so we know that number will increase especially tomorrow,” Varner said.

He said the district is optimistic about the new plan.

“We know the greatest frustration that parents had was each morning wondering will my child’s bus be just a few minutes late, will it show up at all? We think with these changes we can make sure our buses are there at the right time — all the time they’re supposed to be there,” said Varner.

At the start of the school year, Reynoldsburg was juggling in-person and remote learning because of a bus driver shortage.

“For us it was pretty much business as usual — just this morning there was a lot more time for my daughter, but my sons school stayed the same so they’re on different schedules,” said Parent Lindsay Rice.

In addition, Reynoldsburg changed the start and end times of the school day for some buildings.

“My daughter is going to be cutting it real close to getting to her sporting events after school because she’s in 4th grade and she’s involved in a little bit more stuff so that’s going to be a little stressful,” she said.