COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — While John Glenn Columbus International Airport is quieter than last week, the holiday travel fiasco is not over for some travelers.

Seven flights have been canceled in and out of the airport during the last 24 hours, compared to the more than 60 cancellations a day during the holiday travel peak. Many flyers arriving home after the holidays said the flight to their first destination was the problem.

“My plane tickets were set up for me to fly out at about five in the morning on Southwest, and I got a thing that it was canceled,” said Myron Ford.

Ford said he then booked a new flight with Delta to Tampa, with smooth flights to and from Columbus.

However, flyer Seth Gray said he had no trouble getting to his destination, but experienced issues later on.

“I was supposed to fly out of Lafayette, then I got to Charlotte, Charlotte got delayed,” said Gray. “I got delayed three times before I got canceled.”

“I just got an email saying your bags are delayed,” Gray continued. “We are sorry but one of your checked bags will arrive on a later flight. It’s frustrating for sure. It’s just kind of a hassle and inconvenience.”

While Gray’s lost luggage was due to American Airlines, the majority of flight cancellations between Dec. 23 and Jan. 2 were from Southwest Airlines. Southwest called the issues an operational problem, and said they are currently working on providing impacted customers with refunds, reimbursements and relocating their bags.

Southwest is also giving seriously impacted customers — those whose flights were scheduled between Dec. 24 and Jan. 2, but were canceled or significantly delayed more than three hours — 25,000 Rapid Rewards points for each ticketed flyer. This would equal around $300 redemptions.

“As we embark on the journey to rebuild our customers’ faith, loyalty, and trust, we know we have much work to do,” said Southwest in a statement to NBC4.