COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The City of Columbus has gained approval to shutter a house long-suspected of drug use and violence in the South Central Hilltop.

According to the office of City Attorney Zach Klein, the city obtained a preliminary injunction to board up a home at 673 South Richardson Avenue, near Burroughs Elementary School. The home has been the subject of over 40 complaints since February 2021.

Columbus Police have responded to reports of drug activity, including a fatal drug overdose, violence, theft, domestic disputes and possible prostitution over the past two and-a-half years. This year alone, CPD responded to reports of shots fired at the home in February, March and twice in May.

In April of this year a man was found dead after an apparent drug overdose and in August police arrived at the house to retrieve a baby that was allegedly left at the residence. Twice in August a CPD informant made a controlled purchase of crack-cocaine and police returned to the home several times on reports of theft and a domestic dispute.

As well, the property has been declared a public nuisance, meaning the home is no longer in living conditions due to structural, public health, welfare, sanitary or safety concerns.

The injunction states that all occupants will be removed from the premises. Anyone in violation of the restraining order will be forcibly removed and be in contempt of court, punishable as a first-degree misdemeanor.