COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Columbus City Council will be considering a new proposed Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) for the Arena District. The new map comes after a hearing and council meeting with concerned residents.

“I think once we kind of explained our issues and thoughts too, they kind of said yea that probably makes more sense to leave that part of it out,” said Vince Campise, an Arena District Resident.

Campise says he’s one of about 300 neighborhood residents who signed a petition wanting the DORA to be smaller than originally proposed. The first map included McFerson Commons Park and other areas south of Nationwide Blvd. Campise say he was concerned about the DORA potentially bringing more litter to the park and the fact there aren’t restaurants, bars, or retail establishments south of Nationwide Blvd. Those areas are not within the DORA boundaries on the new map.

“As with all legislation, we are eager to hear from the community and will always consider public input before advancing the final product,” said Councilmember Emmanuel Remy in a press release. “Armed with feedback from this community, we requested the administration revise the application to exclude these areas of concern.”  

The following areas were removed from the original proposed DORA:

  • McFerson Commons Park
  • Neil Avenue – South of Nationwide Blvd
  • New Public Lane
  • Parks Edge Place
  • Spring Street
  • West Street
  • John H. McConnell Blvd

If approved, the DORA would be in effect on home game days for the Columbus Clipper, Columbus Crew, and Columbus Blue Jackets.

It would be open three hours before game time until 11:59 p.m. It would allow people to buy alcoholic beverages from participating restaurants and walk around with the drinks in the designated area. Council will be voting on the new proposal on Monday.