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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The Columbus City Attorney’s Office has filed a lawsuit calling for a preliminary injunction against the owners of The Doll House due to an influx of criminal activity at the property.

The City is also asking the court to shut down The Doll House until the club owners have addressed safety and security concerns stemming from over 50 incident reports that have occurred at the business since January 2021.

Among the crimes reported include homicide, multiple shootings, felony assaults, robbery, drug use and overdoses, prostitution, motor vehicle thefts and other illegal activities. Emergency crews have responded to around 180 calls for service to the club, including for fights, shootings, sex crimes, overdoses, burglary and a stabbing.

“Doll House takes the security of our employees, patrons, and neighbors seriously and
will remain closed pending our discussions with city officials,” said Hastie Law Office representing The Doll House. “My client will also continue to cooperate with the ongoing police investigations.”

At the end of January, The Doll House was the site of a fatal shooting that also injured three others. Detectives are still looking for two suspects involved in that incident. Two others were arrested months apart late in 2022 in connection to a mass shooting in which five people were injured.

Five people were injured after a shooting at The Doll House strip club on September 28, 2022. (NBC4)

According to the office of City Attorney Zack Klein, city officials met with property owners in December to discuss safety and security procedures, including additional security personnel, installation of metal detectors, security cameras and procedures for front door pat-downs and wanding. However, upon investigating the January 2023 shooting, officials found significant breaches of the club’s safety and security protocols.

The shooting suspect was able to gain entrance to the club without search. Additionally, the front door metal detector was not being used and the ID scanner purchased for the club was missing. The club only had two of six security personnel on site.

A hearing is set for February 16.