COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — For some, Sunday’s snowstorm was a welcome sight and good for business.

The snowfall across central Ohio has some snow removal companies out in full force for the first time this winter, with many of those companies all booked up for the day and into the evening hours Monday.

“This is the first time we’ve really dropped a plow all season and it’s just been all hands on deck,” said Jacob Wood with Wood Landscape Services.

Even though the storm has passed, there are still several central Ohio counties under a snow emergency, meaning the crews have a lot of work ahead of them.

Wood said crews were busy all morning, day, and booked through the night.

“No tolerance places were salted — actually pre-salted earlier on Sunday and we came in to start on the rest of the contracts which are a 2-inch, 3-inch threshold to start plowing,” he explained.

Wood Landscaping Services has about 200 winter weather contracts in Franklin County.

Plow drivers weren’t the only ones busy Monday.

“We’re moving them faster than we can replenish them,” said Jeff Lynn, talking about shovels. He’s the store manager over at Schreiner Ace Hardware on 5th Avenue in Grandview Heights.

Lynn said the show has had a steady stream of people looking for all types of winter needs.

“Yesterday was the big day — I think final totals were a little bit better pinpointed, so we did quite a bit in snowblowers, shovels, you know, common winter goods,” Lynn said.

Wood said this storm brought the kind of fluffy snow he prefers but predicts his teams will have to double back and resalt some already-treated areas.

He added the snow business is important for them.

“We try to keep as many people employed as we can,” Wood said. “We brought ourselves on that so when there’s no snow, it makes it a little bit more difficult and we work around the shop, so to get a snow like this, it always helps.”

Wood said there are ways residents can help, especially if the crews are tackling a big job.

“At complexes like this — letting us plow and do the work and kind of just trying to stay out of the direct path of when we’re in machinery and operating,” Wood said.

Wood said his crews are working 17 routes Monday, splitting the work between about 25 employees.