COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Close to 50 pets were rescued less than 24 hours ago by a local non-profit organization.

Now, that organization is asking for the community’s help in getting these furry friends into some foster care.

The founder of FREEdom Tails Ohio, April Burnside, said the rescue is the largest number of medical cases it has seen in the three years of the non-profit organization’s operation.

Burnside said she turned her art studio into an emergency shelter overnight, but she needs people to offer foster care for the animals — 37 dogs and 12 cats.

FREEdom Tails Ohio is also accepting volunteer help or financial donations to aid in the care of the animals.

Burnside said she expects to see more animals next week as she believes the reason they’re seeing the increase is due to the pandemic.

“Everybody and their brothers bought dogs during the pandemic,” she said. “They realize having a dog or cat doesn’t fit into their lifestyle. Breeders have slowed down their breeders because they’ve realized less people are buying dogs, so we’re getting a lot of dumps.”

Anyone who wants to offer help can visit the FREEdom Tails Ohio website.