COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Seven upper-class students from Africentric Early College Pre K-12 spent their spring break in Ghana.

Their itinerary included the University of Ghana and a bartering market. Each student had to raise $1,000 to take the trip.

One of the student’s parents says she decided to let her child go on the trip even though she knew it would be emotional.

“He got to visit the slave quarters a place called The Last Bath. It was right before the slaves took the trip to the United States, so he got to experience that. So, that was a pretty heavy day for him,” said Paris Lightner whose son Azavier Johnston went on the trip.

“It just gives our students a chance to see life outside of Columbus, life outside of Ohio — See what’s going on in the world and also how are you are treated in the world. Because as an African American mom and son we see every day on the news – we see it – the police brutality. And I just want him to experience how it is in other parts of the world,” said Lightner.

The students documented their trip and their full experience is expected to be published in the coming weeks.