COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — For the second day in a row, Columbus City Schools held classes online, despite both the teachers’ union and district reaching a preliminary agreement to end their strike.

However, some students say they’re willing to log in, so long as an agreement is reached.

“I feel more comfortable today, being able to go on and attend, then I did yesterday, because the teachers aren’t actively striking anymore,” said Melina Spiropoulos, a senior at Whetstone High School.

On Wednesday, Spiropoulos and several other students joined teachers on the picket lines. Today, she signed in for virtual classes, but tells me she was given basic assignments on vocabulary — despite her being a senior in high school, with classes in pre-calculus.

“I would rather be with my teachers learning that, then being online, given busy work that doesn’t apply to me and won’t help me grow,” said Spiropoulos.

The feeling is shared by parents like Megan Buscemi, who said she wouldn’t have her daughter log in until a deal was made.

“There is no contract signed yet, and I’m not really comfortable with her attending unless there is a contract in place,” said Buscemi.

Buscemi says she fully supports the teachers, and wants her daughter to receive the best education possible. Which is why she’s waiting until classes return in-person.

“There’s no meaningful instruction taking place at all, so for her to check in and say hi to an instructor is great, but it’s not meaningful,” said Buscemi.

In-person classes are expected to return on Monday, once the agreement between the district and teachers’ union has been finalized.