COLUMBUS (WCMH)– Ohio’s largest school district is sharing exactly how quarantine guidance will impact students and families. 

That and information about vaccination for the newest eligible group were shared at Thursday night’s virtual engagement session. 

Parents mainly heard from leaders in the district’s Health Services Department and as well as Medical Consultant Dr. Sara Bode with Nationwide Children’s Hospital. 

They talked about the guidelines but also more on plans to vaccinate this new age group of kids. 

“I know a lot of people saw in the media mask to stay test to play came out from the Ohio Department of Health,” said Dr. Sara Bode, “So we really want to talk through tonight what does that mean for Columbus City School District.” 

Mask to stay and test to play. 

Columbus City School health leaders shared a little bit more about why the district adopted this guidance. 

“In classroom transmission of COVID has been studied and it’s less than 3% and that’s been true across Columbus City School District as well,” said Dr. Bode.  

Students who show no symptoms and are exposed to a person who tests positive in a school setting can stay in school if they remain masked. When it comes to extracurriculars — they can continue that as long as they participate in testing. 

The district says parents can choose if they want to do this. 

 “A parent still has the right to choose to keep their child at home and it will be an excused absence for a COVID related exposure so please remember that we know that you are the child’s first educator,” said Dr. Machelle Kline with health services.  

Dr. Bode was recently named the district’s medical consultant. 

Along with clinics at the hospital, they’re planning specific COVID vaccine clinics for CCS students between the ages of 5 and 11. 

“These will be offered in your child’s school as well. We’re going to have some during the school day but some on evenings and Saturday’s so if you wanna come with your child some parents wanna be there with them then that’s great.” 

Bode says those dates will be firmed up and announced soon. 

Also new, a team of 30 contracted nurses will be part of the efforts to notify parents about exposures. So parents should keep an eye out for unfamiliar numbers, it could be a nurse. 

“They will be remote they will not be in the building and we’ve developed systems they can do that remotely,” explained Health Services Supervisor Ashlin Caravana.  

The district says it recently received about 9,600 rapid tests from Ohio Department Heth to help with testing when it comes COVID exposures at school.

Those were distributed district wide.