COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The Columbus Division of Police is working to identify multiple suspects who opened fire on a group of people at Westgate Park.

Investigators shared a video dated for July 30 captured with security cameras in the park. The video showed a silver SUV stop in the middle of a road next to the Westgate parking lot. Two suspects then got out on the right side of the car, and slowly walked around to the trunk before opening fire into the lot.

Both of the gunmen ran for cover after firing multiple shots. One got in the front passenger side seat, while the other circled around the front of the SUV before getting in the back seat. The security camera captured audio of additional gunshots while the two men are running, and neither was pointing their firearm.

A second camera, which did not capture audio, showed the parking lot that the gunmen targeted. This second video showed several people running away from parked cars and into the treeline of the park, while some hid behind a car farther back in the lot.

Columbus police said one house in the neighborhood was struck by gunfire. Investigators are asking anyone with information to call one of the Columbus Division of Police’s detectives at 614-645-6394 or by email. Anonymous tips can also be submitted to Central Ohio Crime Stoppers by calling 614-461-8477.