COLUMBUS (WCMH) – It’s a busy night in Columbus.

For the first time ever, both the Columbus Clippers and the Columbus Crew played on the same night in the Arena District.

Baseball fans headed into Huntington Park while soccer fans took a glance into the baseball stadium before making their way to Field.

A sea of black and gold ran the length of Nationwide Boulevard from Field to Nationwide Arena.

“Oh my goodness, it’s Columbus,” said Dustin Clossin. “Look at this!”

There was also some Clippers gear in the crowds as well.

“It’s pretty crazy down here but it’s such a beautiful, beautiful night,” said Tammy Medovich.

Fans were in the Arena District all evening, the largest number of people in the district since before the pandemic.

“As a baseball fan and as a Crew fan, it’s kind of hard to choose, but obviously it’s doing good for the City of Columbus, so I hope we can keep it strong and going good,” said Brandon Clayton.

Shortly after opening, some Arena District restaurants were full and already had an hour-long wait, which is what these businesses hope for on a night like this.

“We really missed the before and after crowds of events and it’s nice to see those guests coming back out,” said Kenneth Crane, assistant manager of Nada.

Fans said they loved seeing so many people from both fanbases ready to cheer on their Columbus teams.

“I’ll tell you what, as a fan, as a person who sits in the Nordecke, I look forward to seeing if we can make ourselves heard from there to here and if we can get these guys to get along with us,” said Columbus resident Dustin Clossin.

Executive Director of the Great Columbus Sports Commission Linda Logan said in some ways, Wednesday was a warmup for what’s next.

“Tonight, it’s two big games,” she said. “In the future, it could be three or four if you count what’s happening on campus, so the best is yet to come.”

As for when the Arena District is scheduled to see three games on the same night, on Sept. 29, the Crew and Clippers both have regular season games scheduled while the Blue Jackets are scheduled for a pre-season game.