COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Businesses in Clintonville along High Street say they lost thousands of dollars and two days’ worth of potential customers during the blackout earlier in the week.  

Two of the Brewster’s Bar locations were shut down by AEP’s intentional shutoffs.  

The bar on High Street and Weber Avenue reopened Thursday after losing more than $4,000 in revenue.  

Simon Marion was the bartender on duty when the lights went out. 

Marion says he had to tell three customers to leave because the POS systems were shut off.  

“Every single day you’re not open is a hit. It’s never going to be easy, but We have a good enough revenue stream where it’s not going to cripple us. But we have a good enough clientele that people will come raving back,” said Simon Marion, Bartender, Brewster’s.  

The bar’s owner says he’s unsure why Clintonville was shut down twice.  

AEP says the damage to its distribution lines is gradually being repaired so businesses can get back to normal. 

Power was restored for many Clintonville businesses and customers late Wednesday night.