COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The sandwich-slingers at Punk Pigs are used to a lot of chaos — the restaurant’s slogan is “Grilled cheese and Anarchy,” after all — but not vandalism or broken windows.

(Courtesy Photo/Punk Pigs)

The grilled cheese restaurant in Columbus’ SoHud neighborhood is offering a reward of “free sandwiches for life” to anyone who helps identify the man who threw a brick into its front window. Lauren Armstrong, manager at Punk Pigs, said store employees opening on Sunday morning discovered the shattered window, but it wasn’t until nearby tattoo shop Evolved shared its security footage that they understood what happened.

The security footage shows a man knocking down flyers and kicking a potted plant before crossing Summit Street toward Punk Pigs. The man then picked up a brick and threw it into the restaurant’s right front window, shattering it and knocking down its pink neon pig.

Armstrong called the broken window a “real surprise gift” after the restaurant celebrated its two-year anniversary just a day before. She said the neighborhood’s local businesses and community members look out for each other.

“This is one of the friendliest neighborhoods you can probably find,” Armstrong said.