COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A man charged in connection with an ambush shooting after a drug deal gone wrong last summer was arraigned in Franklin County Court Monday.

Andrew Jamar-Jennings, 20, faces multiple charges including aggravated murder after prosecutors said he was one of the men who pulled the trigger when he and three others allegedly shot another man after a failed drug deal.

According to court records, Jamar-Jennings and another man, Justus Robinson, were attempting to sell a bag of marijuana last July when someone stole drugs and a gun. The two men, along with two others, Donte Adams and Xavier Colvin, went and met up with Frederick Carr, who prosecutors said gave them two guns and took their cell phones.

According to the prosecutor, the four men went to get the marijuana and gun back when they ambushed three men from two directions, including Christopher Roberts Jr. Roberts was shot in the stomach and later died at the hospital.

The prosecutor said Roberts was not involved in the original drug theft and that Carr took the phones from the four men so they could not be tracked.

Jamar-Jennings was given a $1 million bond and is scheduled to be back in court on March 28,

Carr was charged last week with murder after prosecutors said that despite not being present at the shooting, he provided the men with the weapon that killed Roberts. Carr’s attorney argued there is no proof that Carr knew the men would kill Roberts.

Carr is set for a court appearance later this week.