COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Body camera footage was released Friday from a police shooting that left a man dead.

Jamie David Overstreet, 36, died Wednesday after being shot by Columbus police at the end of five-mile pursuit on the South Side. A police incident report detailed how officers arrived at Rendezvous Lane in the Far South neighborhood at 10:40 p.m. to look for Overstreet, who had multiple warrants for violating protection orders. According to a “special situation” request sent to officers, police believed Overstreet was armed and dangerous.

Overstreet led police on a car chase heading north, during which police said he hit multiple cars before eventually stopping in the 1300 block of Marion Drive North. The body camera footage began about 50 seconds before the officer exited the cruiser, while an officer on the radio was heard saying that Overstreet is “running toward” officers.

The footage showed Overstreet running away from multiple Columbus police officers, while officers shouted at him to “freeze” and “stop.” As he continued running away, an officer yelled that Overstreet had a gun.

One officer fired five shots at Overstreet, striking him at least once. Something fell from Overstreet after he was shot, which police said was a gun.

After he collapsed, at least four officers surrounded Overstreet with guns drawn, shouting at him to show his hands. Overstreet, laying on his stomach, spread his hands out in front of him. Officers then handcuffed him and rendered aid.

Overstreet later died at Grant Medical Center. Columbus police declined to identify the officer who shot Overstreet, citing victims’ rights legislation called Marsy’s Law. The faces of all officers shown in the footage are redacted.