COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Black Friday marks a special day for families in the Columbus area. Many kids are eligible to get their second dose of the COVID vaccine. 

That’s if they attended Columbus Public Health’s very first clinic a couple weeks ago. 

When you think of Black Friday you think more about Christmas gifts and waiting in line at the store. Instead, Columbus Public Health was bustling with people ready to roll up their sleeves instead of shopping the day away. 

“It just felt like two flu shots!” said Tracy Smith Jr. He was at the Black Friday clinic with his father and sister.  

Tracy Jr. Got his first dose of the pediatric vaccine. Dad Tracy says he knew Black Friday was the day. 

“I actually have the day off today, so I said hey let’s get these shots taken out the way — they have to go back to school on Monday.” 

And for many young Ohioans, Black Friday marked 2nd dose day. 

9-year-old Liam Hickey was here for the very first child vaccine clinic a couple weeks ago. He says now that he’s fully vaccinated, he has a lot to look forward to. 

“Being able to go to COSI — and the zoo. Stuff like that because you, in COSI it’s all boxed in people are really close together, the exhibits, and also being able to go the Air Force museum.” 

Kids 5 to 11 are also eligible for vax cash. Hickey had big plans for his. 

“I got some Nerf guns and a bunch of Christmas presents. I’m not going to tell you what they are because my brother and everybody else would know and that wouldn’t be good because I’m on TV!” 

Smith says that he’s thankful there was a clinic available. It’s not your typical Black Friday. 

“It’s different! But we need it, the world needs it, if we’re going to get out there and really shop together, we all really need to get the vaccination done.” 

And just a reminder, Columbus Public Health operate 10 clinics across the city for vaccines. 

It’s not just the pediatric doses, people can walk in for boosters and start the vaccine series as well.