COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A pop-up event at Polaris Fashion Place celebrated Black History Month on Saturday and Sunday by giving local Black business owners the chance to share their products with the Columbus community.

Booths lined the halls, and behind every one was a Black business owner. Koran Wharton has a natural skincare and hair care line, and she is loving the amount of exposure her business, Fearlessly Beautifulll, is getting.

“It’s an opportunity for small business owners to come out and display our business in a broad variety of shopping experiences,” Wharton said. Fearlessly Beautifulll started in 2020, and Wharton says she has a passion for educating people about their skin.

“Your skin needs to eat; it needs to thrive. If you’re not feeding it food, then you went x amount of years feeding poison to your skin and you wonder why you have skin irritation or wrinkles,” Wharton said.

Another business at the Black History Month pop-up was the Wood Watch Collection and Accessories. Owner Fitz Poe said he loves the networking opportunity the pop-up provides.

“I just don’t come out here, it’s the customers and getting to know people,” he said. “I just love coming out here, making myself known, being seen.”

Wharton said the pop-up has not only been an opportunity to expand her business, but it’s also been empowering.

“It makes me feel I know I am sharing with the world possibilities and opportunities that they may not know was available and inspiring upcoming entrepreneurs,” Wharton said. “I just love to drop the knowledge to let them know that it’s believing in yourself and striving every day toward what you want to do.”

Every month, a pop-up with a different theme is showcased at Polaris.