COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Economic well-being, affordability, education, health, and quality of life were measures for one survey that found Columbus ranks eighth in state capitals that make the best homes.

A survey from WalletHub found that Austin, Texas rated best for affordability, economic well-being and quality of education and health. But Columbus wasn’t far behind, ranking eighth overall in those categories.

At the top of the survey was Austin, Texas, with Raleigh, North Carolina, close behind. Both cities have high household incomes and the highest percentage of adults with bachelor’s degrees or higher. Both are good places to have babies, with among the lowest premature death rates of all the state capitals. And of the two, Raleigh has a lower crime score.

At the bottom of the study was Trenton, New Jersey, the worst state capital according to this survey.

Trenton has high unemployment and scored poorly on median household income. It’s at the bottom of cities for people holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Apparently Trenton is also boring, with some of the fewest attractions of all the state capitals.

Data for the study was drawn from the census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, FBI and other government agencies.