COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–On Thursday, barbershops across Columbus were filled with conversations about Jason Meade’s indictment for shooting and killing Casey Goodson Jr.

“Some of the cops get indicted but it’s just like…what’s going to be the verdict, the sentence, you know what I mean?” said Terrance Snell, a barber at Blenderz.

“It’s about time,” said Al Edmonson, Owner of A Cut Above The Rest. “My prayers go out to the families that they had to wait this long to see this moment happen within this city around this case.”

“This is a step. I’m glad the justice system saw wrong in this particular case and it didn’t get pushed up under the rug. I just hope days like this are continued,” said Phillip Roberts of Columbus.

Roberts said the indictment was the exception to what is usually expected.

“I feel like this one situation doesn’t correct many situations that’s happened over the country. That’s just one of many cases though. It’s thousands and thousands of cases over the years that many officers get off from doing wrong. So. I just think they need to be held accountable and not all officers are bad,” Roberts said.

Snell said he’s had to discuss the case and many others with his children.

“I got an 18-year old son. He just graduated high school. So, it’s just like that touches home,” Snell said. “What are we going to do with the young kids these days being able to go around and not be scared of the cops and the tensions between citizens and the cops, period. Can we call them, is the justice system working with these guys getting indicted? I don’t know if the citizens trust the justice system too much.”

“We see the many cases that’s been going on around the country lately with Ahmaud Arbery and the one up in Kenosha, we want to see justice in our state as well, Edmonson said.

As pleased as they were to see the indictment, many of the people NBC4 spoke with said much more work needs to be done.

“They’re coming to our communities when I say they the police, we just looking like somebody that need to be pulled over or somebody that need to be shook down,” Snell said. “Just walking to the store, getting you something to eat is deadly.”

“You know, we register to vote…we need to be involved in jury duty as well if you want to see change in our community,” Edmonson said. “Because the majority of the time, the majority of them are while people who are on those juries and we’ll maybe have only one African American.”

Roberts wondered if instead of calling for defunding the police, there should be calls to disarm them.

“You don’t hear about none of this going on in Britain or other places like that because they don’t… they’re not allowed to carry guns. So, here in the U.S., it’s almost to the point where I believe they should be from of having weapons so this doesn’t happen continuously.”