COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — With Halloween just around the corner, local law enforcement is reminding parents of what to watch out for when their amid kids’ tricks and treats this year.

First — hold off on eating that candy.

“Make sure they bring all the candy home and that you inspect it,” said Sgt. Joe Albert, spokesperson for the Columbus Division of Police. “Look for something that doesn’t look familiar. Everybody knows what an M&M package looks like, what a snickers package looks like.”

Albert said CPD is concerned that candy is laced — especially with fentanyl. Although there have been no reports of drug-laced candy, the division still suggests looking through candy. Another thing they’re looking for are THC-containing edibles that children might confuse for regular candy.

Beyond the candy, Albert recommended that parents check their children’s costumes for functionality — making sure kids can see out of masks and that nothing is blocking their peripheral vision.

“If they can have some sort of reflective tape on their costume, or a glow stick that’s hanging around them, that could help,” Albert said. “Even multiple glow sticks on them or even wearing a flashlight. Something that makes them more visible to passing motorists.”

And for anyone driving during trick or treating hours, Albert cautioned them to take it slow.

“Know that there’s kids out running around,” Albert said.”They’re trying to get to as many houses as they can in that trick or treat time.”

He said to check your surroundings always when driving.

And for trick or treaters, always look both ways before crossing the street.