COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Madison Township police are investigating an attempted abduction near a Groveport middle school Friday morning.

Officers were alerted to reports of an attempted abduction of a female middle school student this morning near the intersection of Clearwater Drive and Fullerton Road, which is about five blocks from Groveport Madison Middle School North in the Blacklick Estates neighborhood.

Police said a girl was walking to school when a man approached her in a white truck. He tried pulling her into the truck, but she fought him off and ran home.

“This young lady did the exact right thing. She got away from this person and she went and told an adult,” Madison Township Police Chief Gary York said.

Police released two photos taken from a neighbor’s surveillance video of the pickup truck believed to be involved, a 2007 or newer Chevrolet with a “distinctive light strip on the rear,” according to a social media post. Neighbors NBC4 spoked with saw the truck circling the neighborhood several times before the attempted abduction.

The girl is safe, but many in the community are reeling.

Neighbor Deborah Sudduth said she feels nervous for children in the neighborhood — and their parents.

“I was very nervous for that little girl and all the children in the neighborhood,” Sudduth said. “Nobody should have to worry about their kids walking to school.”

Donald Evans, a parent who lives in the neighborhood, remarked several times how bold a person would have to be to attempt to abduct a child in broad daylight on a busy street.

His daughter walks to Groveport Madison Middle School North every day. After Friday morning’s incident, he said he’s talking to her about what to do if a stranger approaches.

“Scream, yell, fight them off until you can’t anymore. That’s really all you can do,” Evans said.

Police did not have an update on the search Friday night. Anyone with video surveillance that may be helpful is asked to call Madison Township police at 614-836-5355.