COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The family of a 13-year-old boy who was killed on the west side of Columbus is asking for justice more than two months after a murder charge against a suspect in the shooting was dismissed.

“The only thing I have left of him are his ashes around my neck,” said Megan Reed, the mother of Sin’zae Reed, who was killed on Oct. 12 at the Wedgewood Village Apartments. “All I’m asking is justice for my baby. Why is that too much to give? I will never stop until Sin’zae gets justice.”

Megan Reed made that statement Sunday during a family press conference just feet from where Sin’zae Reed was shot and killed. A suspect in the case, Krieg Butler, 36, was arrested and charged on Oct. 13, one day later.

On Oct. 20, a felony charge of murder against Butler was dismissed in Franklin County Municipal Court, which, at the time, the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office said was “standard practice.” A statement from the prosecutor’s office this past Friday said the case remains “under review for potential presentation to the Grand Jury as evidence is gathered and reviewed.”

As of Jan. 1, online records for Franklin County Common Pleas Court do not show any new charges filed against Butler.

During his arraignment, Butler claimed the shooting was in self-defense. According to arrest reports, witnesses said they saw Butler get out of his truck before the shooting, then get back in and drive away. What led to the shooting in the first place has not been released by law enforcement officials.

The case has drawn a flurry of attention on social media in the last days of 2022, with #SinzaeReed and #JusticeForSinzaeReed both trending.

In a statement released Saturday evening, Columbus police said Reed’s shooting was still under investigation.

“We are aware of the community’s concerns regarding the investigation and want to ensure the community that this investigation is far from over,” the statement reads.