COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – City leaders, police, and parents are all saying stopping the issue of children stealing cars is going to take the entire community.

A group that gathers regularly during the summer is trying to do its part.

Dominique Washington holds onto her 16-year-old son Ameer, working to make sure he goes down a good path.

“I’m trying to keep this 16-year-old out of trouble and active with some positive things, put better direction on their life,” Dominique Washington said.

Sunday night, when she found out two 14-year-olds died crashing a stolen car, she woke her son up to tell him about it.

“That’s devastating, I ain’t gonna lie, because if I was in that situation and my mom didn’t know, who’s going to tell her?” Ameer Washington said.

Dominique Washington said her son isn’t always hanging around the right crowed, saying she’s heard children steal cars just to show off or get attention on social media. That’s not something she wants for Ameer.

“I worry because, some days, he don’t come home,” she said.

It’s part of the reason she has her son working with Ralph Carter of We Are Linden. The group usually gets together during the summer for “End The Violence” marches. Monday evening’s gathering was a prayer rally following Sunday’s fatal crash.

“What we’re facing right now, these young people are stealing cars and driving themselves to an early grave,” Carter said.

“I need him to understand this is not what you want,” Dominique Washington said about the gathering. “You want to do right.”

Carter and Washington are urging parents to be involved in their children’s lives and they want people to reach out if they need help.