COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Travel horror stories this Halloween as more than 1,500 flights have been canceled by one airline.

American Airlines has canceled all those flights since Friday, with more than 600 cancelations Sunday.

Some of those travel nightmares are coming from John Glenn International Airport, where some people had to change their travel plans.

“I was kind of scared because I wasn’t sure what I would do,” said traveler Steven Caudill.

Some of those American Airlines travelers spent about an hour at the desk after their initial flight was canceled. There was a line of travelers at the desk throughout the day Sunday.

But those lines were nothing compared to what Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport experienced, where a lot of the flight disruptions happened.  The location is one of American’s busiest hubs.

According to American Airlines, the issues stem from weather in Dallas and staffing issues company-wide.

“I spent most of the time trying to call them on the phone, but they were super busy and the wait time was over four hours,” Caudill said.

The disruptions were similar in their initial cause and size to problems suffered in early October by Southwest Airlines, and they raised ominous questions about whether major airlines are prepared for the busy upcoming holiday travel period.

According to John Glenn International Airport’s website, three American flights departing and two arriving flights were canceled for Columbus.

Caudill was supposed to depart for Oklahoma Sunday afternoon but ended up leaving later in the day. At one point, he said one of the options he was given to get to his destination was taking three different flights.

“I traveled here with two flights and then they kept adding different flights on the way back with different times and stuff mixed up,” Caudill said.

Emileigh Larson and Diandre Ruiz were luckier. They knew about the issues before heading to John Glenn and were thankful to learn their flight wasn’t one of the ones canceled.

“That’s kind of a nightmare for me because I suspect there’s a lot of professionals that kind of missed, missed opportunities or missed meetings or something like that, you know,” Ruiz said.

American said most of the customers who have been affected by all this have been rebooked on flights for the same day.

A spokeswoman for American said the airline expects considerable improvement starting Monday, although there will be “some residual impact from the weekend.” By midday Sunday, American had canceled nearly 50 Monday flights, according to FlightAware.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.