COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – No matter where you go around the city, it’s hard to find people who haven’t noticed the haziness which has taken over central Ohio this week.

Smoke from the wildfires in Canada left a hazy look over the city for a third straight day on Wednesday.

“It’s crazy. I would never suspect it because it’s so far over, it’s just crazy,” Addison Wirick said.

Wirick was walking with Karen Middleton. Other than wondering how long these conditions will last, they’ve been fine.

The lower air quality is leading to issues for some. The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) has extended the air quality alert for particle pollution into Thursday.

“I do live in an elderly community and one gentleman was taken to the hospital with asthmatic issues,” Middleton said. “So I would say if you’re very very sensitive, take heed when the warnings are don’t go outside unless you have to.”

The Breathing Association has been busier than usual, according to Dr. Iyaad Hasan, chief operating officer and clinician.

“It is adding up to the actual individual feeling it, immediately, especially when they walk out, after a few steps, a few of our patients said it felt like it got into my lungs and I just couldn’t take a breath,” Hasan said.

The conditions over the last few days and what’s expected Thursday, are considered to be unhealthy for sensitive groups, including people with asthma or respiratory conditions. That’s who Hasan said the clinic has been seeing and hearing from.

“It’s basically like oxygen going through like a water hose shrinking down to a straw,” he said. “So think of if you’re trying to breathe through a straw instead of through a large hose, how your breath is feeling like.”

Hasan said preparation is key for those affected by this air quality. He said that means staying inside when possible and having your inhaler ready if you use one.

“Something really important I really want to push for everybody is please understand this will be a phase; hopefully we’ll get out of it,” he said. “But if you are experiencing severe shortness of breath, you don’t have the proper medication to help you and you really don’t feel right, please consider talking to your primary care doctor or consider seeing a provider so they can help you out.”