COLUMBUS (WCMH) – A local organization is dedicating an entire week to promoting the health and wellness of Black men here in Columbus.

The African American Male Wellness Agency is hosting its annual walk as part of a seven-day event called Black Men’s Health Week, leading up to Saturday’s walk.

Events scheduled for Black Men’s Health Week include a career fair, wellness classes, worship services, live concerts, and more, culminating with Saturday’s annual African American Male Wellness Walk in Columbus.

“We’re really looking to scale and just show all that we’re doing here as an agency to try and build healthier Black men and healthier Black families,” said Marlon Platt, executive director of the African American Male Wellness Agency.

The walk was established in 2004 but has since grown into a nationwide event with at least 12 cities taking part throughout the country.

Organizers hope a week of male-focused events and activities will inspire even more people to take part in the walk.

“So we figure that by creating different touchpoints and opportunities during the week, different things that men may have an interest in, that this will allow us to engage the men more, to provide more health screenings and really just build upon the work we’re doing in the community,” Platt said.

The walk will be held Saturday, Aug. 14, at Livingston Park in front of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The event averages nearly 30,000 attendees every year.

For more information on the African American Male Wellness Agency and to register for next week’s walk, click here.