COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Two years ago, our colleague Jennifer Bullock suffered an unimaginable loss when her son Miles Owen was stillborn at 33 weeks.

It’s a pain that will never go away, but Jenn and her family are turning that pain into a purpose, forming a charitable organization called Miles’ Mission.

“Honestly, the reason we started Miles’ Mission was because Jenn wanted to do something to remember him,” said Jenn’s father, Dr. Michael Bullock. “To have some kind of legacy just within our family.”

That being a ministry of providing hope for those hurting and help for those grieving.

Watch Jenn Bullock talk about Miles’ Mission in the video below.

“It’s become more of a mission to help families, to help them in their hurt, to help them grow, to find hope, to mature, to heal, to process in the right way, and to realize that everyone has something in their background that has caused a pain,” Michael Bullock said. “And we are finding out that Miles’ death and stillbirth is not just about stillbirth; it’s about grief in general.”

One year after Miles died, Michael Bullock wrote a book detailing the family’s own grief titled “Even Now I Know,” being transparent about just how much pain they were in.

“I’ll let them know, even as a pastor of 32 years, I questioned what God was doing, where God was, and why,” Michael Bullock said. “But in the process, we also transition that into hope and letting people realize that even those of us who have faith in question, still need to find that hope again.”

Already through Miles’ Mission, they are doing just that, partnering with Columbus Public Health, hospital systems, and other organizations that provide counseling for those dealing with stillborn loss, with a vision of bringing awareness to the region and standardized aftercare to mothers like Jenn.

“She struggled, as all women have done,” Michael Bullock said. “Most people don’t realize that most women have postpartum just because of the birth, but also PTSD, depression, anxiety, shame, embarrassment, guilt. So, she has experienced all the highs and the low lows, as outlined in the book, and so to watch her grow through all this, and now to begin to heal herself, and to become a major part of what Miles’ Mission is, I know that she’s going to be fine. I know that. We are very, very proud of her.”

Wednesday, the two-year anniversary of Miles’ stillbirth, the Bullock family is hosting “A Night of Vision” in Zanesville, with Jennifer serving as the keynote speaker. The event serves as the first major event for Miles’ Mission.

For more information on Miles’ Mission, click here.