COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – There’s a lot of unknown for a central Ohio restaurant after a recent crash where a car drove off the road and into the building.

No one was hurt, but it all happened last Friday, while customers were eating.

Hoggy’s barbeque restaurant on Bethel Road was damaged when a car drove off the road, down a small embankment, across the parking lot in front of the restaurant, and into the building, just missing the main entrance doors.

Hoggy’s is now closed until further notice.

“We’re lucky it was just our restaurant that got hit,” said Kyle Turner, whose family owns Hoggy’s.

He said the car just missed two customers who were outside at the time.

“It hit, like, a booth that could have had customers there, could have been a lot worse,” Turner said. “Luckily everyone is safe, but yeah, could have been way, way worse.”

The locally-owned restaurant had big plans for 2023.

“This is definitely a setback that, I mean, we’ll get through, but it’s just one of those things,” Turner said. “One year, you’ve got COVID; last January, we kind of had the other variant and everything and then we get to this January and now get a little bit of a surprise on the front door.”

Boards currently cover where the car hit and there is caution tape around the entrance. Columbus Restaurant Week is later this month, which Turner said is one of Hoggy’s biggest weeks of the year, and they’ll be missing it.

“We hope we can get a temporary entrance and stuff, but they said it could be between one, three or four months, so definitely a setback, but we’re going to try to open as soon as possible, but right now, we don’t have a definitive timeline,” he said. “We’re trying to kind of flush that out.”

Columbus police said the driver who hit the restaurant has been arrested and is facing charges including operating a vehicle impaired.