COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Reaction to the six-game suspension of Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has been coming in all day from around the country and in Ohio.

After the suspension was announced Monday, some of the first thoughts were about the survivors of the alleged sexual assault they suffered at Watson’s hands.

“I think six games for sexual violence is a continuation of the message that our culture just doesn’t take sexual violence seriously,” said Taylr Ucker-Lauderman, chief officer of communications and engagement for the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence.

Lauderman said when the Browns first signed Watson, the alliance got messages from Browns fans who were appalled.

“They were not supportive of that decision,” she said. “They were supportive of survivors.”

Ucker-Lauderman said the judge’s decision on a six-game suspension sends mixed messages to survivors, that there is accountability, but in her opinion, not enough.

“It leaves a lot still to be discussed and still to be dealt with, so this is definitely not checking the box and now things are good,” she said. “It should really be the start or continuation of a really deep conversation.”

Watson’s suspension is the result of violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy after several sexual misconduct accusations.

Twenty-four women sued Watson claiming sexual misconduct during massage sessions.  Details of the settlements are confidential.

Dr. Kristy McCray, an associate professor in the department of sports sciences at Otterbein University, researches sexual violence in athletics and how it can be prevented.

“Though a literal perpetrator is the only person who can stop their own actions, we, as a culture or an athletic organization or as a society, can do a lot to change the culture that allows perpetration to flourish,” she said.

A statement from Browns’ ownership mentions Watson being remorseful this situation has caused so much heartache. The former federal judge’s report mentions Watson’s lack of expressed remorse.

“I’m a little nervous he is not going to learn from and grow from this situation and I really hope it doesn’t continue to happen,” McCray said.

The Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence said whenever something like this happens, it usually sees an increase in calls.

Anyone who is a victim of sexual violence can find resources by clicking here.