COLUMBUS, OH (WCMH) – A lawyer has confirmed he is representing an officer in connection with an alleged hit-and-run crash that left a woman dead on Wednesday.

CPD officer Demetris Ortega is a client of Attorney Mark Collins, who told NBC4: “We do represent Mr. Ortega and we will continue to comply with all aspects of the investigation.”

Emergency calls to 911 have been released from Wednesday morning’s alleged hit-and-run crash that left a woman dead.

The callers repeatedly scream for help, and say they see a woman lying on Morse Road and Walford Street not moving, but have no idea what happened.

Columbus Police also sent NBC4 the incident report, but it is heavily redacted – especially around the parts describing cars at the scene.

Earlier Wednesday, CPD confirmed an officer has been relieved of duty in connection to this incident, but had not released a name or what that connection is.

Columbus Police have also not named the victim.

All of the witnesses on the 911 call say the driver left before anyone could put a face to them.

“Do you see the car that hit her?” the Columbus Division of Police dispatch worker asked.

“No, I was walking, and I saw somebody yelling, and they were in the car, and they left,” the unknown caller said. “I don’t know.”

Columbus police said they have no comment on the situation at this time.

Wednesday, police told NBC4 no charges have been filed against the driver yet, but this is an ongoing investigation.