COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Many Central Ohioans were left wondering where to find rapid COVID-19 test kits after all the kits at a free event on Monday flew out the doors in less than an hour.

There’s such a huge demand for testing kits right now ahead of the Christmas holiday that Franklin County Public Health’s event was cleaned out in some places in about twenty minutes.

“We thought 16,000 was a good start for today, and we knew we were going to go through them today — it was a question of how quickly,” said Franklin County Public Health Commissioner Joe Mazzola.

Half a dozen of the locations for the giveaway were completely wiped out even though FCP had ordered 16,000 kits specifically for the event.

“We definitely got the word out about them, and so unfortunately we didn’t have enough. But we actually gave out twice as many as we did for Thanksgiving.” Mazzola said they gave out about 6,000 kits at that event.

NBC4 checked in with other organizations who’ve distributed tests. Columbus Public Health is currently out and looking to order more.

The Columbus Metropolitan Library is running low right now but its expecting a shipment soon.

“Early this week, in the next couple of days we are expecting a shipment. Most of our branches are out a couple do still have some kits,” said Dorcas Jones, a spokeswoman with the library system.

Jones says last week the entire system gave out more than 16,000 free rapid tests. She says that’s a 38 per cent increase from the previous week.

“Kits are being limited right now to four per household per day. We know that — obviously due to the demand — there is a high demand across our county and our city,” she said.

Jones added they put in an order with the state, but the number of rapid tests will depend on the demand statewide.

“Definitely be here before Christmas — we just want our customers to make sure to call us first to make sure.”

You can reach your local branch by calling 614-645-2275. If you’re looking to get a test sooner rather than later — there are some options. You can check out That site will have a list of testing options and availability as well.