COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Among the record 204 homicides in Columbus in 2021, people reported 14 shootings as self-defense when questioned by police.

Of those 14, two were reported to have been committed by conceal-carry permit-holders. Both cases will be sent to a grand jury to determine whether to indict the shooter.

In the first instance, from January, two people allegedly committed an armed robbery, and the victim, who had a permit, allegedly returned fire, killing one man. The other alleged robber was arrested and charged with the murder of his companion.

In the second instance, in March, a person had allegedly punched a man and then reached for his waist. At that point, the permit holder is reported to have drawn his gun and shot the person who punched him.

Among other reports of self-defense:

  • In March, a man allegedly broke into the apartment of his ex-girlfriend. When he broke into the bedroom, he was reportedly shot by the woman’s current boyfriend and killed.
  • A similar situation occurred in October when a man broke into the apartment of his ex-girlfriend, with whom he had a history of domestic violence, police reports said. Two men exchanged gunfire, both got shot, and the man who broke into the apartment died, according to the report by detectives.
  • A carjacking in May resulted in the death of the alleged carjacker. Investigators said the man was in the process of robbing and carjacking when the 20-year-old woman inside the car reportedly shot him after he pointed a gun at her.

Other incidences of alleged self-defense included struggles over guns that went off, people defending themselves in domestic violence situations, and fights in which a gun or knife was produced.

In Ohio, a grand jury decides whether the state has enough reason to bring felony charges against a person, according to the state Supreme Court. The grand jury only accuses; it doesn’t determine guilt or innocence.

The state relies on the grand jury to begin all felony cases. If the grand jury doesn’t think there is enough evidence for a criminal case, the case is dropped.

Coming this week is running a report on homicides in Columbus in 2021 the week of Feb. 6.