COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A 10-year-old from Delaware County has gained a lot of popularity over the years for his creative Halloween costumes, because they aren’t just any costume, they’re designed around his wheelchair.

He’s had some creative costumes over the years. Blake says that this year’s costume however, is his favorite so far and any Columbus Blue Jackets fan will understand why.

“Blake’s just a typical 10-year-old kid. He just wants to play and have fun and live through the moment. He happens to have spina bifida but we don’t want that to limit him on being able to be a typical 10-year-old,” said Aric Mompher, Blakes’ father.

Spina Bifida occurs when the spine and spinal cord don’t form correctly. Megan, Blakes’ mom, was 20 weeks pregnant with Blake when she got the diagnosis. He’s undergone nearly 40 surgeries; his parents say he’s a blessing.

“It allows us to appreciate the small things in life and appreciate each moment for what it is,” Mompher said.

Ohioans might remember Blake from previous Halloween costumes. You might remember he was a school bus, Kraft mac & cheese, and more recently, McDonalds french fry.

“We always let him choose what he wants to be and we kind of give him direction on well, you’re into this and this and then we let him decide from there,” said Megan Mompher, Blakes’ mother.

For those wondering what Blake is this year…here’s a clue.

“Jackets on the power play!” said Blake.

He’s a huge Blue Jackets fan, so he decided to be a zamboni. But he said his favorite part about going to the games is “when the cannon goes off.”

His parents just want him to be able to be a kid and enjoy Halloween for what it is, and be a normal 10-year-old.

This specific costume took about a month and a half to complete. Aric does all the designing and measuring, while his mother adds the artistic details.

“He’s telling everyone that he meets, everybody that we come across, ‘I’m going to the Blue Jackets game on Oct. 28’. He knows exactly when he’s going and tells anyone and everyone he’s going,” Megan said.

Blake and his family are the special guests for the game against the New York Islanders this Saturday. It is also Hockey Halloween night and the first 3,000 kids will get a trick-or-treat bucket before the game.