COLUMBUS, OHIO (WCMH) – It was an exciting Saturday at the Columbus Zoo’s Zoombezi Bay water park as their Sea Dragon roller coaster was honored by the American Coaster Enthusiasts. 

The 66-year-old ride was awarded a plaque by the American Coaster Enthusiasts as a landmark coaster with historical significance.

As the oldest wooden roller coaster in Ohio and one of the few remaining coasters that’s manually operated, it lives up to this title.

The coaster, formerly called the Jet Flyer, has withstood numerous ownerships and continues to operate to this day. Some folks got a chance to hit the six-decade-old coaster Saturday before the rains picked up in central Ohio.

Vice President of Zoombezi Bay Anthony Sabo said they’ve worked hard to ensure this roller coaster will stay in service for years to come.

“It’s not the easiest thing to maintain a wooden roller coaster,” said Sabo. “It is a living breathing thing because it is almost completely made out of wood, so it does take time. it takes effort to ensure that it continues to properly, safely operate and is here for years to come and we’re really proud that we’ve been able to continue to do that since 2008.”

Adding to its historic significance, Sea Dragon is the oldest coaster remaining from famed designer John Allen.