POWELL, Ohio (WCMH) — A man was tased and taken into custody Friday afternoon at the Columbus Zoo after he allegedly disobeyed directions from an officer directing traffic.

The situation caused a brief panic when it was described on social media as an active shooter situation.

According to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office and zoo officials, a traffic accident happened in front of the Zoo on State Route 750 about 2 p.m. A Shawnee Hills police officer was directing traffic, but a person driving a Jeep did not follow directions and instead quickly pulled into the zoo parking lot.

The officer followed, and the driver jumped out of the Jeep and fled. Other officers joined the pursuit.

“When the individual did not stop, an officer drew their weapon and the other officer tased the individual,” the zoo statement said.

The sheriff’s office confirmed the person was taken into custody after being tased.

Although no shots were taken, zoo guests were left uncertain what was happening in the parking lot.

“Somebody yelled gun, and a few kids ran away or something like that, but within like two minutes everything was back to normal,” Ashyam Ayaar of Dublin said. “All the Zoo was back open, and everything was fine.”

In its statement, the zoo said it has safety procedures in place for such incidents.