POWELL, Ohio (WCMH) — The Columbus Zoo is celebrating after the birth of three calves of an endangered species in January and February.

Three baby Dama gazelles have arrived at the Zoo as the first births of 2023. A female calf was born on Jan. 21 to Kix, a Dama gazelle that is now a first-time mother. The calf is doing well after three days of treatment due to higher than normal body temperature.

Ten days later, Dama gazelle Susie gave birth to a female calf that was sired by male Dama gazelle Zultan. Finally on Feb. 7, a male calf was born to mother Raisin and father Kabili. Kabili also sired Kix’s female calf. You can see pictures of the calves below.

All three are in the Heart of Africa region and have not been named yet. The Heart of Africa savanna is scheduled to reopen in the Spring after being closed for the Winter months.

Dama gazelles are a critically endangered species, according to the Zoo’s release, and there are fewer than 300 of them left in their native areas in countries like Chad, Mali, and Niger in Africa.